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Barber Bond

Barber Bond ® Premium Unisex Full Body Shave Serum

Barber Bond ® Premium Unisex Full Body Shave Serum

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The Barber Bond®️ formula caters to a large audience of professional Barbers, fitness professionals, athletes, and home consumers.  
A shave experience:

  • Without irritation for sensitive areas
  • Moisturizes the skin 
  • Unscented
  • Can be used with a straight razor or disposable razor for hair removal
  • Contains half of the ingredients of other brands 
  • No need for before prep or aftershave

Barber Bond️ provides you with the comfort, quality, & the formula that you trust as well as the integrity that Barber Bond️®️ stands by. Barber Bond️®️ believes that you deserve quality ingredients for better self care. Our purpose is to provide a professional shave experience wherever you go. The Barber Bond️ experience is satisfying with each use, building bonds as hair has no gender.


ALL YOU NEED IN A SHAVE 🪒💦            


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Try with Barber Bond® Premium Unisex Full Body Shave Serum for best results!

A smooth shave that leaves you feeling clean and moisturized all day!