Q: What do you use this product for?

A: This is a shaving product for the actual shaving of any body part where hair grows.


Q: Is the Barber Bond ® shave serum a gel, foam, or cream?

A: Barber Bond ® is a clear shave gel.


Q: Who would shave with Barber Bond ® shave serum?

A: Anyone who removes hair from their body with a razor can shave with Barber Bond ®. It is unisex for all, even young adults that are new to shaving.


Q: How much of the Barber Bond ® shave serum do I need to use when shaving?

A: A little bit goes a long way but don’t be shy to coat the area that you have prepped for shaving.


Q: How does Barber Bond ® shave serum perform on sensitive skin?

A: With minimal ingredients, the formula performs wonderfully on the skin without irritations, bumps, or razor burn.


Q: Does the Barber Bond ® shave serum clog the razor?

A: This shave gel rinses right off of the razor and preserves your razor so that you get more uses out of it before replacing.


Q: Can I use this with my electric shaver?

A: Barber Bond ® shave serum was created for use with razor shaves. It is not recommended to be used with an electric shaver.


Q: What can I shave with Barber Bond ® shave serum?

A: Barber Bond ® shave serum is used for full body shaving applications including face, head, armpit, and all sensitive areas.


Q: Where else is Barber Bond ® available for purchase?

A: You can find Barber Bond ® shave serum at Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and select e-commerce independent barber & beauty supply stores.