Our Story

One for all and all for one men and women can both enjoy a professional shaving experience wherever they go.

They will feel smooth they will feel invigorated and they will feel amazing with Barber Bond premium unisex full body shave serum.

We would love to say that that's how it all began. Not that it began with a career Barber with a bald head, who owned a barbershop where he shaved people all day using the professional shave products available.

He was a passionate Barber who went to work everyday and shaved and cut and cut and shaved. He thought let me try some of these shave gel products at home with my disposable razor and see if it will prove the same experience like at the barbershop?!

So he tried. With the products he used at the shop and a disposable razor in hand, the barber got into the shower and stuck. With a stroke of the razor the shave would not take. This is made for shaving. What could I make? The product wasn't right and that left the barber with a thought. A passion to create, occupied him day and night to concoct a formula that was just right. Barber Bond evolved from the thought that a shave at home should not be so tough.

With a clear formula and not so many ingredients, a shave for your face, pits, bikini or legs and let's not forget even bald heads. Barber Bond®️ was born!

We believe in better ingredients for better self care. A shave shouldn't be harsh. A quality shave should not be limited to the professional setting, have an overpowering scent, or be limited to gender. The experience of a shave that is kind to the skin and accessible anywhere you go is what we want to give you.

The formula caters to a large audience ranging from Barbers, Skin care professionals, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and home consumers. A premium shave experience without irritation, for sensitive areas, moisturizes the skin, is unscented, can be used with a straight razor or disposable, and has half of the ingredients of other brands.

All off the ingredients you need in a shave. None of the ingredients that you don't.

Take it from barbers! 🪒💦

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Not tested on animals

Our Founders

Joel & Maya Irizarry

Joel and Maya Irizarry are the co founders of Barber Bond ®. A vision to create the shave difference inspired these two creators to take action. It was important to have minimal ingredients, be unisex for all who shave, and to leave a smooth invigorating feel after shaving with Barber Bond ®.

Fun Fact: Barber Bond LLC. Is a majority Woman Owned Enterprise.

Joel is a husband, father, licensed Florida Barber, Barbershop owner, inventor, and educator. Lookout for courses and opportunities to meet Joel at various beauty and barber industry trade shows/events.

Maya is a wife, mother, and business coach by trade. She manages the daily business operations to ensure the optimal customer experience.

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