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Premium Unisex Full Body Shave Serum

Why Barber Bond!

About Us

Barber Bond

We believe in better ingredients for better self care. A shave shouldn't  be harsh.  A quality shave should not be limited to the professional setting, have  an overpowering scent, or be limited to gender. 

The experience of a  shave that is kind to the skin and accessible anywhere you go is what we want to give you. The formula caters to a large audience  ranging from Barbers, Skin care  professionals, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and home consumers. 

A  shave experience without irritation, for sensitive areas, moisturizes  the skin, is unscented, can be used with a straight razor or disposable,  and has half of the ingredients of other brands.  All of the ingredients that you need in a shave. None of the ingredients  that you don't.  Take it from Barbers!  #Barberbond #Barberbondexperience #takeitfrombarbers  


Not tested on animals