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Premium Unisex Full Body Shave Serum

Why Barber Bond!

About Us

Barber Bond

Born from a vision that a bond with your Barber is lifelong and not just about a haircut.  A relationship is formed and unique to each individual with their Barber.  For this, we feel that Barber Bond products will be just that for you. Not the same ole brand you can find at your local Barbershop/Salon, or Convenience Store. The brand that suits you lifelong. We provide you with the comfort, quality, & the formula that you trust as well as the integrity that Barber Bond stands by.

Barber Bond believes that you deserve quality ingredients for better self care.  

Our purpose is to provide a professional shave experience wherever you go. The Barber Bond experience is satisfying with each use, building bonds as hair has no gender.💈